– solutions for humidity control


High pressure

The system utilizes water at 50 bars pressure to produce a finely atomized water spray which rapidly evaporates to the airstream.

The pump output is controlled by a frequency inverter and a pressure gauge. The combination provides a flexible flow from 1 to 100 %. There is no unnecessary heating or by-passing water. What comes in goes out principle.

The controller provides up to 10 zone controls. Each zone controlled by a valve and a humidifier/temperature sensor. When the zone stops, the valve will relieve the pressure from 50 to 2,5 bars instantly. This design will ensure drip free performance from the nozzle.

Ventilated atomizers or Hydroflex nozzles

To ensure a fully integrated air humidification solution the choice of nozzle and atomizer is essential.

Our ventilated atomizers is HydroJet, HydroTrio and HydroOne. They are designed with a ventilator to supply warm air to the nozzle ensuring a fast and safe evaporation of the atomized water. Each atomizer is designed to perform under various conditions from 2,5 meter and up.

HydroFlex nozzles is an uncomplicated solution where nozzles are directly mounted in the high pressure string. This solution can be beneficial in a multitude of solutions. However, it is a more sensitive solution. Let us talk about which solution is best suited for you.

Reliable operations

An air humidity system should operate unnoticed, just getting the job done – That’s our criteria for success. Reliable operation can be seen in 3 perspectives:

  • Technical
  • Energy
  • Hygienic

All 3 needs to go hand in hand to provide an optimized solution. Adapting the performance of the system through the complete water chain generates a sustainable solution in a long term perspective.


Our humidifiers are a flexible solution that is easy to integrate and adapt to individual needs.

Our air humidifiers have:

  • Multiple zone kontrol
  • Safety monitoring system
  • A full inverted pump (flow range from 1 % to 100 % capacity, 4 to 600, 24 to 800 or 88 to 1200 l/h)
  • Range of standard modular atomizers and nozzles
  • A highly flexible fitting system

Our humidifiers are easy to expand (e.g. with several zones) if a need occurs. It provides a flexible solution that are easy to integrate into the facilities. It is prepared for future growth.


Safe operations are our main priority. First step is to ensure that the products we provide are tested and well-integrated into the design of the product and finally into the design of the customized solution.

Despite these efforts, mechanical and electrical components can fail. Our solutions are designed to monitor and safeguard your staff and your facilities and to prevent the system from any type of destructive performance.

Our humidification systems have:

  • A high/low humidity alarm
  • Flow surveillance
  • Thermal surveillance
  • Hygienic rinse
  • Low water pressure alarm

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a demineralization process of water that removes up to 98 % of all solids and potentially 100 % of bacteria.

Reverse Osmosis is a process where pressure (higher than the osmotic pressure) is exposed on the water that contains the high-concentrate solution. The pressure forces water to pass through a membrane in the direction reverse to that of osmosis. Water now moves from the compartment with the high-concentration solution to that of the low concentration solution.

Hygienic water

Most see bacteria as a natural occurring component in water. Due to the seriousness related to Legionella, relevant precautions must be implemented to safely handle the risk of infections.

In cold water system following points are critical:

  • Avoid temperatures between 20 – 50 degrees
  • Prevent stagnant and recycled water
  • Minimize residence time
  • Prevent high concentrations of nutrient

To design and operate a reliable air humidification system, these factors needs to be implemented as a part of the solution. Please download our risk assessment to read more.

Optimized humidity

A humidity control eliminates or reduces 4 problems:

  • Static discharge
  • Desiccation and dehydration
  • Temperature
  • Airborne dus

It helps to create a better indoor environment, ensures a higher production rate and improve the products strength, durability, flexibility and quality.

Depending on the product and the process, the right level of humidity can vary. The ideal range to cover would normally be in the range of 50 % RH.

Capacity and design

All good solutions are built on a solid foundation. In case of air humidity, we need to know the basics of the environment where we are installing, and we need to know the specifics of the air handling.

The capacity calculation is based on IX and the solution layout is based on a professional assessment of the facilities.

When the capacity is known and the specifics of the facility layout is present, the choice of system details are made to match the requirements. The selection of pump, control, atomizers are made to specifically match the local requirements.

Energy optimized

Adapting the performance of the pump and the ventilated atomizers to the actual required capacity have several benefits:

  • It reduces energy consumption
  • It improves lifetime of the parts
  • It helps keep the performance of the system hygienically safe

0,0023 kWh energy is all it takes to atomize 1 liter of water.

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