– solutions for humidity control


Humidity control in room

We design and manufacture solutions for high pressure air humidification for direct room applications.

To maximize the benefit and to minimize the cost we provide individual solutions with standard modular components.

Our aim is to improve the total outcome of your production facilities and provide people with a more comfortable working environment.

Read more about the technology behind our humidifiers.

Humidity control AHU

We also design and manufacture humidity solution for integration in ventilation systems. Our AHU products (Air Handling Unit) has a modulating control principle. The airs demand for water varies throughout the year and during the day. Therefore, we have designed a modulating control that always delivers the right amount to avoid unnecessary waste and variation in the humidity.

The modulating control finely atomized water particles and the evaporative droplet separator makes a unique setup accurately reaching set point.

The process can perform with a minimum of waste water, no recycled water, optimized energy consumption – within a distance from nozzle to separator of as little as 1 meter.

RO pure water system

Our Reverse Osmosis system (RO) is a clean water system. Our Reverse Osmosis system is the right solution for you, if you have high demands on water quality.

Reverse Osmosis is a demineralization process of water. It is a process that removes up to 98 % of all solids and potentially 100 % of bacteria.

A pressure which is higher than the osmotic pressure is applied to the water with a high content of salt and mineral. The pressure pushes the water through a membrane in the opposite direction. It makes the water move to the area with a ​​low solutions of salt.

Service and maintenance

We wish to maintain a close relationship with our clients to ensure that the investment in humidity control provides a maximized return on investment during the full lifetime of the system.

We offer a flexible service agreement to our clients that will ensure a continuously evaluation of the performance of your solution and a proactive approach to protecting your investment and maximizing the return.

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