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Printing and packaging

A controlled humidity is important when we talk printing and packing industry. An uncontrolled humidity makes changes in the paper.

With our mist humidifiers, there is no paper distortion and less dust in an antistatic environment. At the same time, it reduces the temperature, which will improve the working environment.

It all leads to a faster production and a higher accuracy throughout the process.

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A stable humidity is essential compared to wood and timber industry. By maintaining equilibrium moisture content in the product, unevenness, surface cracking and splitting gets eliminated.

Our humidifiers minimize waste and maximize output at a consistent quality.

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The electronics industry benefits from our cool air humidifiers, because they protect the processes and products against static discharge/electricity.

Protecting the processes against electrostatic discharge will ensure a uniform output quality of the finished product.

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Plastic and composite

It is possible to achieve productive improvements in plastics and composites industry by investing in a mist humidifier.

It is important to reduce static discharge, dust and heat throughout the process. It provides an improved productive environment.

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A controlled humidity control ensures improvements in the food industry and in fruit and vegetable storages.

A solution with humidification improves the ripening process and minimize weight loss. At the same time, it improves the quality and lifetime of the final product.

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Paint shop

The air quality affects paint and varnish.

Our humidifiers eliminate the variations of the season. It creates a uniform atmosphere throughout the seasons of the year.

It is the foundation for a high output with a perfect result every time.

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Museum and theaters

Valuable interior in museums and theaters can be protected by humidity control. Our air humidification project the interior from the variations of the seasons by maintaining a balanced ambient atmosphere.

Our humidifiers prevent interior from cracking and shrinkage.

At the same time, a stable and controlled humidity reduces static electricity.

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Maintaining the right humidity level will reduce the evaporative loss during storage.

At the same time, it keeps barrels and cork in a good condition. The end result is better quantity and reliable quality.

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The flexibility and strength of the textile fibers are maintained by a stable humidity. At the same, it reduces the risk of static discharge.

The electrostatic protection will provide a final product in a reliable quality at a satisfying productive pace.

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Maintain a comfortable working environment for people by keeping the ambient humidity at a level be 40 to 60 % Rh.

Our humidification systems reduce electrostatic discharge and in general prevent dry mucous membranes, eyes, throat, lungs and skin.

It gives a pleasant environment and the cooling effect can as well improve the working environment.

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