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Better products

A stable humidity improves the products strenght, longevity, flexibility and quality. Meanwhile, fewer units and products get destroyed or discarded through the process.

Satisfied employees

The climate has a major impact on your employees’ productivity and welfare. Our humidification products contributes to a pleasant and motivating indoor environment for your employees.

Efficient production

The climate and the stability of the products leads to a higher production rate. The stable humidity leads to better machine utilization and use of your employees’ time.

Environmental footprint

By using our humidification products you can minimize wastage, optimize machine efficiencies and reduce energy and resource consumption per. product. This relieves our environment.

»Our neigbour departments good experiences of Airtec and our own experience with another type of humidity solution lead us to invest in the Airtec EasyLine system, which was installed in 2012.«

Tero Siromaa
Ikata, Finland

»We have clearly experienced, how the air humidification system from Airtec has improved the wellbeing of our employees and the productivity of the production facility. This also means that during first year the system has practically already paid for itself.«

Antti Vainio
Production Manager at UPM Plywood Mill in Jyväskylä, Finland


An air humidity solution will protect people, products and processes against electrostatic discharge (ESD), dehydration/desiccation, heat and dust. Our humidifiers guarantee a better indoor environment, a stable humidity and a productive environment.

You get a better air humidity and a controlled atmosphere with our humidifiers.


Passing water at 50 bars pressure through a swirl nozzle, atomizing water to fine particles that are easily evaporated to the air stream. That´s the baseline.

We added reliability, safe operations and hygienic perspective to our humidification systems. Multiple zone control, inverted pump system and modular atomizing units makes this technology highly flexible, energy efficient, safe and reliable.


We supply tailored solutions for air humidity control with high pressure air humidification. The solutions are designed for direct room integration as well as for air handling units.

To ensure a high uniform water quality we offer Reverse Osmosis (RO) as well. Reverse Osmosis is our pure water solution.


Utilizing the resources available, people, raw material and machines to the best of it´s potential. That´s our aim.

We supply climate for productivity by reducing electrostatic discharge (EDS), dehydration, desiccation, dust and heat. It results in a better and more productive environment.

We respectfully challenge what is – to see what could be.


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